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Breda Ba.27 Metallico

The unsatisfactory characteristics of the Breda 27 prototypes led, in late 1933, to the complete redesign of the fighter by engineers Parano and Panzeri, and the construction of a further prototype. Unlike preceding Breda 27s, the new prototype was entirely of metal construction, the wing being of steel and duralumin with duralumin skinning, and the corrugated skinning of the fuselage gave place to a smooth duralumin covering. Criticism of forward view for take-off and landing was answered by moving the cockpit bodily forward and raising it by deepening the fuselage. The 540hp Alfa Romeo-built Mercury IVA engine was retained, but the two-bladed wooden propeller gave place to a threebladed metal propeller. The new prototype was flown in June 1934, and in September of that year it was ferried from Milan to Oslo (for demonstration to the Norwegian air arm) at an average speed of 283km/h, being exhibited at the Salon de l'Aeronautique in Paris in November. The revised Breda 27, which now bore a marked resemblance to the Boeing P-26, was ordered by the Chinese Central Government.

Similar to the redesigned third prototype, the series version was designated Breda 27 Metallico (signifying that it was of all-metal construction) and 18 were ordered by China. In the event only 11 were delivered (in 1936), these being assigned to the 29th Pursuit Sqn at Canton. An armament of two 12.7mm machine guns was carried. The prototype was obtained by the Regia Aeronautica, serving with the 86a Squadriglia, 5 Stormo Assalto, until December 1937.

W.Green, D.Swanborough "The Complete Book of Fighters", 2000

Breda Ba.27 MetallicoA three-view drawing (1664 x 1182)

  Take-off weight1850 kg4079 lb
  Empty weight1320 kg2910 lb
  Wingspan10.80 m35 ft 5 in
  Length7.67 m25 ft 2 in
  Height3.40 m11 ft 2 in
  Wing area18.85 m2202.90 sq ft
  Max. speed380 km/h236 mph
  Range750 km466 miles

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The Italian P-26.


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