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Breda Ba.27

Owing much to the Travel Air Model R high-speed single-seat monoplane, the fifth example of which was purchased by Italy's Ministero dell'Aeronautica, the Breda 27 single-seat fighter was designed by Cesare Pallavicino and was of mixed construction. The fuselage was of welded steel tube with corrugated light alloy skinning and the wing was of wood, power being provided by an Alfa Romeo-built Bristol Mercury (Mercurius) IVA nine-cylinder radial rated at 540hp. Proposed armament comprised two 12.7mm synchronised machine guns. Two prototypes were built, flight testing commencing early 1933, and the second prototype flying from Milan to Rome-Montecelio on 10 July of that year in 90 min at an average speed of 334km/h. The second prototype differed from the first in several respects, additional bracing struts being introduced between the wing and fuselage, and struts added to increase the rigidity of the tailplane. The characteristics were generally unsatisfactory, the poor view from the cockpit being the subject of particular criticism, and, Ing Pallavicino having meanwhile left Breda, a total redesign of the fighter was undertaken by engineers Parano and Panzeri as the Breda 27 Metallico.

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Breda Ba.27A three-view drawing (1673 x 1238)

  Take-off weight1903 kg4195 lb
  Wingspan10.68 m35 ft 0 in
  Length7.75 m25 ft 5 in
  Height3.40 m11 ft 2 in
  Wing area19.60 m 2 m2210.97 sq ft
  Max. speed385 km/h239 mph

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