Bestetti-Colombo C.3


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Bestetti-Colombo C.3

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 ENGINE2 x 135hp Alfa-Romeo

Alberto Rizzi, e-mail, 27.06.2017 23:36

It was one of the so called "aerei coloniali" (= airplanes for the colonies), intended chiefly for liaison duties, in the territories that Italy had in Eastern and Northern Africa. During the Thirties the most part of this kind of aircrafts had been built by "Caproni".
With the loss of Ethiopia and Somalia and the negative prosecution of the war in Northern Africa, no one thought to build other prototypes of this aircraft.


marco riva, e-mail, 20.03.2009 00:36

The Bestetti (not Bestelli) C.3 had the following:
2x Alfa Romeo 111 (135hp)
wing span: 12,50m
lenght: 8,40 m
height: 2,50m
wing surface: 19,60 mq
full load: kg 1950
max speed: 317 km /h at 2500m.
ceiling: 6400m.
range: 1600 km
crew: 2
first flight: summer 1943
One prototype built, crashed during trials.


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