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The poor results achieved with the AVIS I fighter prompted Prof Abody-Anderlik and his team to redesign the aircraft despite the decision of the Legilyi Hivatal to acquire 21 Fiat CR.20bis fighters from Italy. While retaining the Jupiter VI engine, the redesigned fighter, the AVIS II, featured a slimmer, slab-sided fuselage, redesigned vertical tail surfaces, narrower interplane bracing struts and increased gap. Empty weight was reduced by 100kg and, after initial trials, the engine was enclosed by a Townend ring. The AVIS II commenced flight test early in 1935, but still proved overweight and lacking in the agility demonstrated by contemporary foreign fighters. The planned armament of twin 7.62mm Gebauer guns was never fitted. Development was abandoned in favour of the higher-powered AVIS III.

  Take-off weight1320 kg2910 lb
  Empty weight1110 kg2447 lb
  Wingspan9.00 m30 ft 6 in
  Length7.80 m26 ft 7 in
  Height2.90 m10 ft 6 in
  Wing area21.20 m2228.19 sq ft
  Max. speed300 km/h186 mph
  Range500 km311 miles

György, e-mail, 28.01.2012 06:42

No Hungarian word is like Legilyi!!! It's Légügyi (Hivatal).


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