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During the course of 1931, the Central Repair Workshops at Szekesfehervar-Sosto began construction of the AVIS (Anderlik-Varga-Iskola-Sport) aircraft, ostensibly a single-seat trainer and sports aircraft, but, in fact, a fighter intended for use by the Legtiyi Hivatal (Aviation Department), the clandestine Hungarian air arm. An all-metal, single-bay, staggered biplane designed by Prof Elöd Abody-Anderlik, Laszlo Varga, Istvan Liszt and Deszo Fridrik, the first aircraft, the AVIS I, was completed and flown in 1933. Powered by a 420hp Manfred Weiss-built Jupiter VI nine-cylinder radial, intended armament being twin synchronised 7.62mm Gebauer machine guns, the AVIS I proved seriously underpowered, prompting major redesign as the AVIS II. The sole example of the AVIS I was eventually delivered to the flying school at Szombathely where it was to serve until 1936.

 ENGINE1 x 420hp Weiss Jupiter VI
  Take-off weight1480 kg3263 lb
  Empty weight1260 kg2778 lb
  Wingspan9.00 m30 ft 6 in
  Length7.50 m25 ft 7 in
  Height3.40 m11 ft 2 in
  Wing area21.20 m2228.19 sq ft
  Max. speed280 km/h174 mph
  Cruise speed233 km/h145 mph
  Ceiling5200 m17050 ft
  Range320 km199 miles
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.62mm

argeo, e-mail, 18.07.2012 20:22

Armament was 2 x 7.92mm calibre machine guns.
Gebauer produced machine guns in 7.92 × 57mm (German) and 8 × 56R (Hungarian Army)


Gyrgy, e-mail, 28.01.2012 06:35

There isn't Legtiyi in the Hungarian vocabulary!!
It should read; Lggyi


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