Fokker F.36


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Fokker F.36

The sole Fokker F.XXXVI made its first flight on 22 June 1934. Largest of the Fokker transports, it was a high-wing cantilever monoplane with fixed landing gear and powered by four 559kW Wright Cyclone radial engines mounted forward of the leading edge. Of typical Fokker construction, the F.XXXVI provided accommodation for a crew of four, and 32 passengers in four eight-seat cabins. As an alternative 16 passengers could be carried in sleeping accommodation. Operated on European routes by KLM from March 1935, it was sold in 1939 to Scottish Aviation of Prestwick and was flown from there as a crew and navigational trainer until scrapped in 1940.

Fokker F.36

Barry, 10.02.2016 18:34

Only one built and it was sold to Scottish Aviation who used it as a crew and navigation trainer on behalf of No 12 Elementary Flying Training School R.A.F. It was scrapped after burning out in a take off accident.

Power 4 x 750 h.p. Wright Cyclone SGR-1820-F2 radial engines
Span 108'2"Length 78'8" Height 27'3" Empty Weight 22,700 lb Gross Weight 36,360 lb
Cruising Speed 165 mph Range 960 miles


John Dell, e-mail, 09.03.2010 15:07

It was purchased by Scottish Aviation who used it to forfill their contract to train RAF navigators. It was painted in RAF camouflage colours for its duties.


A. Kooijman, e-mail, 20.11.2008 15:11

Its not soled to Scottisch Aviation but has flown by the RAF as a trainingplane (vliegend leslokaal) for training RAF pilots and used for spareparts of the other 2 planes
2x F-22's One of the F-22's is sold to Scottisch Aviation.
No. PH AJP nickname Parrot in dutch


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