Fokker F.14


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Fokker F.14

The Fokker F.XIV of 1929 was built at the New Jersey factory as a seven/nine-passenger transport. Fuselage and wings were of normal Fokker design, although the upper fuselage decking was of corrugated duralumin. The major differences between this and other Fokker transports was that it had a parasol-type wing carried on struts above the fuselage, and a pilot's open cockpit behind the passenger cabin and beneath a cut-out in the wing trailing edge.

Fokker Y1C-15 (army version of F.14)

 ENGINE1 x Wright R-1750-3 radial piston engine, 391kW
  Take-off weight3266 kg7200 lb
  Empty weight1971 kg4345 lb
  Wingspan18.11 m59 ft 5 in
  Length13.18 m43 ft 3 in
  Height3.76 m12 ft 4 in
  Wing area51.19 m2551.00 sq ft
  Cruise speed187 km/h116 mph
  Ceiling4420 m14500 ft
  Range1110 km690 miles

Al Wiese, e-mail, 27.10.2011 22:21

I have pictures of Fokker F-14 At the WAE airport, Vail field. Tail No. NC-129-M. If more details are need EMail or call 479-253-9193


John D. Bybee, e-mail, 23.02.2008 17:13

Former WAE /TWA F-14, NC331N was loaned by TWA's Jack Frye to Byrd's 2nd expedition to Antarctica. This F-14 crashed on takeoff at Little America on March 14, 1934. Ike Schlossback commanding. I have a scan of a photo of NC331N, from David Burke's book MOMENTS OF TERROR


Jim Reynolds, e-mail, 10.10.2020 John D. Bybee


I'm a former TWA employee and wanted to now if you can send me a copy via email of your TWA Fokker F-14 for my collection.

Thanks, Jim


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