Pützer Elster


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Pützer Elster

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Barry, 31.08.2016 16:42

Developed from the Putzer Motoraab powered glider itself being a development of the Putzer Doppelraab glider, this was the first aircraft to obtain production status in Germany after WW II. Some 45 were constructed twenty five going to the Luftwaffe and Marinefleiger sport flying group. After the maintenance contract ceased they were returned to the civil market.

Putzer Elster B

Power plant 1 x 90 h.p. Continental C-90-12F 4 cylinder piston engine.

Span 43'4" Length 23'4" Height 8'2"
Empty weight 1,014 lb Max take off weight 1,543 lb

Max speed 104 mph Cruising speed 86 mph Range 350 miles
Service ceiling 16,100 ft


Wolfgang Guhl, e-mail, 23.05.2015 07:25

I flew the Elster in 1968 at the Luftwaffe AG52 base in Leck, Germany. It belonged to the Luftwaffe flying club. Unfortunately, I didn't care much for it as it required unconventional cockpit procedures for landing. The airplane had no flaps, but used spring loaded spoilers instead. This is what an approach and landing looked like:
Left hand on the stick. Right hand on throttle to set power. Move right hand from throttle to overhead spoiler lever. Pull spoiler lever down (spring loaded up) to control glide path. If you let go in order to readjust the throttle, the spoilers will retract, lift will be regained and you will lose your rate of descent. Just before touch down, move your right hand from the spoiler to close the throttle. During landing roll, the right hand pulls up on the centrally located brake lever (no differential braking). As airspeed decreases and rudder becomes ineffective, the right hand moves from the brake lever to a left /right steering lever near the instrument panel. While taxiing, your right hand may be busy moving back and forth between brake and steering levers. Not a good training aircraft.


Bob Kusterer, e-mail, 30.01.2014 00:14

I've been to the factory at Dahlimer-Bintz and met Herr Putzer. They also manufactured the Fornier RF-4 and RF-5 motor-gliders. Herr Putzer let me fly a RF-4; nice plane.


Frank Barrett, e-mail, 03.03.2011 05:51

Porsche Type 678 engine.


Johannes Kuehl, e-mail, 01.11.2009 06:34

en.wikipedia.org /wiki /Pützer_Elster


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