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Barry, 23.05.2016 13:41

The L.V.G. C.VI was an artillery spotter and reconnaissance aircraft used in the closing stages of W.W.I. First flown in 1917 the C.VI was a development of the earlier C.V and some 1,100 were produced. They were used after the war by Poland in the Russo-Polish war and were exported to Finland, Russia, Sweden and others in fact some were still flying in Lithuania in 1940. There are three surviving C.VI:one at the R.A.F. Museum at Hendon, one at the Brussels Air Museum and one at the Musee de l'Aire et de l'Espace in Paris.

Power plant 1 x 200 h.p Benz Bz IV 6 cylinder in line water cooled
Span 42'8" Length 24'5" Height 9'4"
Max take off weight 3,060 lb
Max speed 103 mph Range 242 miles Service ceiling 21,300 ft
Armament 1 x 7.92 mm forward firing LMG 08 /15
1 x 7.92 mm MG 14 Parabellum on ring mounting
200 lb bombs


Jim Landon, e-mail, 16.04.2010 01:40

See another photo at www.flickr.com /photos /landoni /4195311829 /


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