Lübeck-Travemünde F.2

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Lübeck-Travemünde F.2

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Alberto Rizzi, e-mail, 24.06.2017 01:16

We can add that it had a maximum speed of 136 Km /h (= 84.5 m.p.h.), a total weight of 2.204 Kg. (= 4,854 pounds).
But, from other sources, it seems that this airplane was built not before 1917.
By the way, it seems strange to me, to find an aircraft mounting a Parabellum for the observer in 1910; when the first military action of an airplane (with the launch of some hand grenades) was in 1912.


Brian Johnston, e-mail, 31.07.2012 12:15

A 1910's German Reconnaissance biplane, the F.2 was a twin float design developed from the earlier F.1. It was powered by a 220hp (164kW) mercedes D.IV engine. It carried a crew of two, the rear, observer's, cockpit was fitted with a 7.92mm (0.31in) machine gun. Wingspan was 19.0m (62ft 4ins). 11 aircraft were built.

From Wickipedia.


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