Lippisch Delta IVb / DFS 39

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Lippisch Delta IVb / DFS 39

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Barry, 23.05.2016 16:22

The Lippisch Delta IVb was a follow on of earlier Lippisch designed deltas. The original IV was ordered by Gerhard Fiesler for an aircraft that he could enter in the 1932 "Europarundflug" rally. Lippisch supplied the plans and Fiesler built it as the F-3 "Wespe" (Wasp). It proved very unstable and Fiesler crashed it on it's first flight.
Lippisch was undetered by this development and found an ally in Walter Georgii of D.F.S. Georgii got funding from the RLM and the IV was purchased back. Lippish moved the engine to the front altered the wing design and at last had something quite worthy. Then in 1936 the final design changes were made an the Delta IVb was taken to Rechlin where it was flown by Heini Dittmar and was awarded its C of A and was given it's official name DFS 39. Later it was used as the basis for the Me163 rocket fighter.

Power plant 1 x 75 h.p. Pobjoy R radial
Span 33'6" Length 16'7" Height 6'7" Wing area 144 sq ft
Empty weight 860 lb Max take off weight 1,320 lb

Max speed 137 mph Range 840 miles Service ceiling 20,600 ft


Noname, e-mail, 31.03.2020 10:24

Lippisch Delta IVb / DFS 39 is use by fascist in 1937 from polo ralph


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