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LFG Roland G I

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Terrence Murphy, e-mail, 02.02.2012 19:18

L.F.G. Roland G I
Although designated a G type, which covered twin-engined aircraft, the Roland G I was in fact a single-engined machine with twin pusher airscrews. The engine was buried in the fuselage on the centre of gravity and the airscrews driven through a system of gears and shafts. Only the single prototype, which carried a crew of two, was built. The extra thick tyres of the undercarriage were a noteworthy feature. Engine, 245 h.p. Maybach Mb IV. Span, 30.1 m. (98 ft. 9 1 /4 in.). Length 15.9 m. (52 ft. 2 1 /8 in.). Weights: Empty, 2,750 kg. (6,050 lb.). Loaded, 4,300 kg. (9,460 lb.). Speed, 160 km.hr. (100 m.p.h.). Armament, one Parabellum machine-gun.


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