K.W. (Keiserliche Werft)


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K.W. (Keiserliche Werft)

Various two-seater seaplanes were designed and built in ones and twos by the Imperial Naval Yards (Keiserliche Werft) as follows: Danzig (404-405, 467-470, 1105-1106 and 1650). Kiel: Nos. 463-466. Wilhelmshafen: Nos. 401-403, 461-462, 945 and 947.

K.W. (Keiserliche Werft)

 MODELNos. 467-470
 ENGINE1 x 150hp Benz Bz III
  Loaded weight1632 kg3598 lb
  Empty weight1063 kg2344 lb
  Wingspan15.68 m51 ft 5 in
  Length9.1 m30 ft 10 in
  Height3.67 m12 ft 0 in
  Wing area52 m2559.72 sq ft
  Max. speed128 km/h80 mph

K. Nittinger, e-mail, 31.03.2020 15:17

Name still not corrected


Aviastar.org, 31.03.2020 K. Nittinger

Corrected :)


Walter F. Klein, e-mail, 03.11.2008 23:24

Please correct the name: Kaiserliche Werft


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