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Caspar CS 14

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Barry, 11.01.2010 14:01

To confuse the issue further the aircraft illustrated is the Casper C30 or sometimes known as the LE30. This Hispano 12G powered aircraft was again designed in Germany but built in Denmark. Only one of this reconnaissance aircraft was completed.


Francis Maigné, e-mail, 21.12.2009 18:18

CS 14
Monomoteur de chasse, biplace en côte à côte à ciel ouvert, biplan contreventé par deux mâts en N inclinés vers l'avant, plan inférieur légérement décalé vers l'arrière, monodérive, empennage horizontal classique, train d'atterrissage classique fixe à essieu, béquille de queue. Construction bois et entoilage. 1 moteur tractif de 12 cylindres en V Napier Lion IV de 490, hélice bipale en bois à pas fixe, E: 10,00 m, L: 6,58 m, H: 2,97 m, Sa: 3,700 m², PV: 1130 Kg, Equipage: 160 Kg, PTC: 1780 Kg, C /a: 57,980 Kg /m², P /p: 3,632 Kg /Cv, Vm: 250 Km /h à 0 m, Vc: 210 Km /h, Pla: 4200 m, Auto: 800 Km, 2 mitrailleuses MG de 7,9 mm entre les cylindres avec 500 coups par arme. 1924.

reply, 19.02.2008 12:23

It's a German design but built in Denmark to evade ban.


Sgt.KAR98, 19.02.2008 00:17

He must be right.
At the time,any kind of military airplane was forbidden.
The first ones appeared when Hitler rised to power.


Mike, e-mail, 17.02.2008 01:53

This is NOT a German aircraft.

The Caspar C.J.14 was a single-seat Danish fighter built and flown in 1925 by the Dansk-Aero Industrie Aktielkabet, of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Top speed with the 300 hp Hispano-Suiza engine shown was approximately 170 mph, and slightly faster with the 380 hp Siddeley Jaguar radial engine fitted later.

Coloring was over-all bright red with black cylinder blocks and Danish markings (Note the vertical white bar on the vertical tail, and the just barely visible horizontal white cross-bar a little over half-way up the vertical white bar. This is the Danish white cross as featured on their national flag).


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