Bolkow 207

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Bolkow 207

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Barry, 23.08.2016 18:13

Until it changed it's name to Bolkow this company was Klemm and post war they had built the two and three seat Kl 107. The improved and redesigned Kl 107 D became the
Bolkow F 207 and later the Bo207, when production was moved from Nabern to the Bolkow factory at Laupheim. Production started in 1961 and was completed after some 90 had been built in 1963. Not all were sold straight away in fact the last aircraft off the production line did not take to the air until 1st April 1966.

Power plant 1 x 180 h.p. Lycoming 0-360 four cylinder air cooled piston engine.

Span 35'5" Length 27'3" Height 7'5" Wing area 166 sq ft
Empty weight 1,575 lb Loaded weight 2,645 lb

Max speed 159 mph Cruising speed 124 mph Range 775 miles
Service ceiling 14,000 ft


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