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Aviatik D VII

The D.VII, which was intended to participate in the third D-type Contest of October 1918, was essentially similar to the D.VI apart from having completely redesigned vertical and horizontal tail surfaces. Like its predecessor it was powered by a geared Benz Bz Illbm eight-cylinder Vee engine driving a four-bladed propeller. Armament comprised the standard twin 7.92mm synchronised machine guns, and only one prototype was completed.

W.Green, D.Swanborough "The Complete Book of Fighters", 2000

Aviatik D VIIA three-view drawing (1280 x 822)

 ENGINE1 x 200hp Benz Bz IIIbm
  Take-off weight945 kg2083 lb
  Empty weight745 kg1642 lb
  Wingspan9.66 m32 ft 8 in
  Length6.10 m20 ft 0 in
  Height2.50 m8 ft 2 in
  Max. speed192 km/h119 mph
  Cruise speed165 km/h103 mph
  Rate of climb250 m/min800 ft/min
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.92mm

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