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Aviatik D VI

During 1918, Aviatik was working on prototypes of several single-seat fighter biplanes simultaneously, two of these, the D.IV and the D.V, being powered by the Benz Bz Illbv geared engine which was a largervolume version of the Bz Illbm. Apart from its power plant and a redesigned and enlarged rudder, the D.IV was essentially similar to the D.III, while the D.V was a new fighter design which discarded flying wires. Prototypes of both types were built, but protracted engine teething troubles delayed the programmes, and there is no evidence that either was flown. The D.VI, the sole prototype of which was flown in August 1918, bore little relationship to earlier Aviatik single-seat fighters, and was a two-bay biplane of wooden construction with ply-covered fuselage and fabric-covered wings and tail surfaces. Armament comprised two synchronised 7.92mm LMG 08/15 machine guns and power was provided by a geared Benz Bz Illbm. The D.VI was intended to participate in the second D-type Contest held at Adlershof in June 1918. Owing to problems provided by the reduction gear of the Bz Illbm, it was too late to participate in this contest, and by the time type-testing had revealed excellent flight characteristics, the D.VI had already been overtaken by the D.VII.

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 MODELAviatik D.VI
 ENGINE1 x 200hp Benz Bz IIIbm
  Take-off weight940 kg2072 lb
  Empty weight750 kg1653 lb
  Wingspan9.66 m32 ft 8 in
  Length6.10 m20 ft 0 in
  Height2.50 m8 ft 2 in
  Max. speed188 km/h117 mph
  Cruise speed160 km/h99 mph
  Rate of climb281 m/min900 ft/min
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.92mm

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