Albatros L.75 Ass


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Albatros L.75 Ass

Two-seat advanced training biplane powered by a 268kW BMW Va engine.

Albatros L.75 Ass

 ENGINE1 x BMW VA, 280kW
  Take-off weight1835 kg4046 lb
  Empty weight670 kg1477 lb
  Wingspan12.5 m41 ft 0 in
  Length10.0 m33 ft 10 in
  Max. speed208 km/h129 mph
  Cruise speed180 km/h112 mph
  Ceiling5100 m16750 ft
  Range w/max.fuel1950 km1212 miles

Barry, 04.01.2010 17:29

41 models were produced including the prototype. The models were:a,b,c,d,E,F,DSA and DSB.The engines varied with the prototype having a BMW IVa all other models featuring the BMW Va except for the b,F and DSB which used the Junkers L5. Performance for all models was reasonably similar.


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