Albatros C.III

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Albatros C.III

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Albatros C.III

Peter, 19.06.2020 03:58

Any Technical information regarding this bird - Drawings???


Barry, 16.05.2016 12:44

A development of the earlier C I, the C III went on to be built in far greater quantities than it's predecessor. They flew with not only the German Air Force but also with the air forces of : the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bulgaria, Finland, Lithuania, the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and Poland.

Power plant 1 x 150 h.p. Benz Bz III in line.

Span 38'4" Length 26'3" Height 10'2" Wing area 397 sq ft
Empty Weight 1.875 lb Maximum take of weight 2,985 lb
Maximum speed 87 mph Service ceiling 11,000 ft
Endurance 4 hours
Armament 1 x 7.92 mm MG 08 in nose and 1 x 7.92 mm MG 14
parabellum in the observer's cockpit
Up to 200 llb of bombs.


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