Potez (CAMS) 161


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Potez (CAMS) 161

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 MODELPotez-CAMS 161
 ENGINE6 x 920hp Hispano-Suisa 12Y-36
  Take-off weight44000 kg97004 lb
  Empty weight20700 kg45636 lb
  Wingspan46.00 m151 ft 11 in
  Length32.90 m108 ft 11 in
  Height8.30 m27 ft 3 in
  Wing area262.80 m22828.75 sq ft
  Max. speed354 km/h220 mph
  Cruise speed306 km/h190 mph
  Range6000 km3728 miles

Barry, 03.01.2013 19:14

The Potez-CAMS 161 was one of three designs for a transatlantic flying boat designed to carry 60 passengers 6000 km the others selected for construction were the Loire et Olivier H49, later redesignated SE200, and the Latecoere 631.
Ordered in 1937, a 1:2.6 scale model the Potez-CAMS 160 flew first to test the design. The hull wings and tail assembly were completed at Sartrouville at the beginning of WWII and were transferred to LeHavre for final assembly in March 1940, but work stopped in June 1940 due to the French futile position in the conflict. In March 1941 it was decided to complete the assembly and the components were returned to Sartrouville where it was eventually launched on Berre Lake sporting the registration F-BAOV. By the time initial flight trials started the German codes VE+WW were used. The plane was flown to Lake Constance to complete it's flight trials along with the SE200 and the Late631 where they were all destroyed in a bombing attack by the R.A.F. Hence the performance details above are all estimates.


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