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Morane-Saulnier M.S.560 / M.S.570

The prototype Morane-Saulnier M.S.560 single-seat low-wing aerobatic monoplane was built in 1946. It had retractable landing gear, a rearward-sliding cockpit canopy and its powerplant, comprising a 56kW Train 6D-01 engine, gave a maximum speed of 235km/h. Three variants followed, namely the M.S.561 and the M.S.563 of 1947 each with a 75kW Mathis G.4 engine, and the M.S.562 with a 75kW Cirrus Minor.

Late in 1946 the M.S.570 prototype was flown, a two-seat tourer-trainer development of the M.S.560. It had a widened forward fuselage, side-by-side seats, and a 104kW Renault 4Pei engine giving a maximum speed of 265km/h. The three-seat M.S.571 followed, powered by a Renault 4P-01 of the same power, the prototype being followed by five more machines. Maximum speed was 240km/h. The M.S.572 was similar to the basic design, but had four seats and a 104kW Potez 4D engine.


Rigal Hubert, e-mail, 01.03.2007 20:03

I have a plane Morane - Saulnier MS 571 for sale.
Built 1947, only 150 hours in 60 years.
Available in Switzerland.


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