Max Plan MP.204


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Max Plan MP.204

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Barry, 12.05.2016 14:06

Designed and built by Max Plan, with it's first flight on 5th June 1952. In 1956 Max revised the cockpit and cowling with the result that he designated the aeroplane as MP.214. He did intend replacing the engine with a 90 h.p. Continental and revising the designation to MP.215, but this was not to be. Apparently this plane currently resides in the Musee Regional de l'Aire at Anger Loire Airport.
Power plant 1 x 75 h.p Minie 4-DC32 flat 4 cylinder air cooled engine.
Span 18'1" Length 17'7" Wing area 65 sq ft Gross weight 728 lb Empty weight 419 lb
Max speed 130 mph Cruising speed 99 mph Endurance 2hrs 30


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