Mauboussin M.120


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Mauboussin M.120

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 ENGINE1 x 40hp Salmson

Graham Summers, e-mail, 24.11.2011 15:02

Avions Mauboussin was well known in pre-World War 2 days for the design and manufacture of a series of efficient light aircraft and sailplanes. In 1936 the Societe des Etablissements Fouga acquired exclusive production rights for all Mauboussin designs, beginning in 1937 with the M.123. This was a two-seat lightplane with open cockpits, based on the earlier Mauboussin Corsaire, and powered by a 60-hp (45-kW) Salmson engine. An enclosed M.124 was followed by the open-cockpit M.128 and M.129, all three with the same basic airframe as the M.123 but powered respectively by the 85-hp (63-kW) Salmson 5Ap, 100-hp (75-kW) Mathis G.4R,
and 70-hp (52-kW) Minie 4Do engines


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