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Lignel L.44

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Kees Rijzebol, e-mail, 10.01.2018 13:56

This aircraft F-PAIC is reported to have been crashed over Antwerp (Belgium) the day after taking part in the ILSY 1955 airshow at Ypenburg airbase (airport, not existing anymore) in The Netherlands. According the aicraft crashed May 1955. And also that this was the only Lignel 44 built (as the final development of the Taupin aircraft).


Diabolo, e-mail, 19.10.2010 15:23

Le Lignel 44 est un descendant du Taupin. Le Taupin, conçut par L. Peyret, était la version motorisé du planeur avec lequel Alexis Maneyrol battit le record de durée en vol de pente de plus de six heures le 21 octobre 1922.

Le Lignel 44 fut construit en 1947 et équipé d'un moteur Renault de 74cv.

The Lignel 44 is a descendant of Taupin. The Taupin, conceived by L. Peyret, was the motorized version of the glider with which Maneyrol Alexis broke the record for flight duration of slopes greater than six hours October 21, 1922.

The Lignel 44 was built in 1947 and powered by a Renault 74cv.


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