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Letord 4

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Barry, 23.11.2016 14:15

Letord produced a family of planes which were all very similar but varied in role and engines. The first being the reconnaissance Let 1 with two Hispano-Suiza 8A engines. This was followed by the Let 2 which was a reconnaissance model powered by H.S. 8Ba engines. The Let 3 was a bomber version of the earlier models and the Let 4, flying in 1916, was a reconnaissance type detailed below. The Let 5 was a bomber version of the Let 4 and the Let 6 was an escort fighter with Hispano-Siuza 8Be engines and featuring a 37 mm Hotchkiss gun. The Let 7 was another reconnaissance model based on the Let 6.

Let 4
Crew 3
Power plant 2 x 240 h.p. Lorraine Dietrich 8A water cooled engines

Span 59'3" Length 36'3" Height 12'2" Wing area 670 sq ft
Empty weight 3,650 lb Gross weight 5,390 lb

Max speed 98 mph Range 200 miles Service ceiling 16,000 ft


Brian Johnston, e-mail, 31.07.2012 11:22

There is a fairly useful article on Letord aircraft in Wickipedia.


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