Latham L.2


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Latham L.2

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 ENGINE2 x 400hp Lorraine

Brian Johnston, e-mail, 30.05.2012 19:56

Single -seat racing flyingboat. Only one ever constructed for 1923 Schneider Trophy race but withdrew due to technical problems the night before the race. It was a biplane on a mono-coque hull with two 400 Hp Lorraine engines in tandem on a pylon between the wings and driving pusher and tractor propellors.

Dimensions were :-
Span 12.40m Length 10.98 m Height 4.27m Wing Area 50m2

Weight empty 2230Kg Total Weight 2700Kg

Max Speed 239Kph Climb rate 1000m in 4min 3sec.
Sevice Ceiling 2000m Range 400km


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