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Late 500

The Late 34.0 was a three-engined development of the Late 32, which appeared in 1930, the single example being powered by three 298kW Hispano-Suiza 12Jb engines, two mounted as tractors and the third as a pusher. It was lost in a fatal crash caused by structural failure on 2 April 1930. These unfortunate and ill-fated early Latecoere machines often flew short of passengers and insufficient freight to make their use economical. The last of them to be designed for the Mediterranean service was the Late 501. Flown for the first time from Biscarrosse base on 24 February 1932, it had three engines arranged as on the Late 34.0. Intended for eight passengers as against 10 for the Late 34.0, it was far stronger than its predecessors and mainly of metal construction. Despite improved flying qualities and performance of the Late 501, no further examples were ordered by the French authorities.

Late 501

 MODELLate 500
 ENGINE2 x 400hp Hispano-Suiza 12Jb
  Take-off weight9816 kg21641 lb
  Empty weight4446 kg9802 lb
  Wingspan31.40 m103 ft 0 in
  Length17.74 m58 ft 2 in
  Height4.93 m16 ft 2 in
  Wing area148.32 m21596.50 sq ft
  Max. speed210 km/h130 mph
  Cruise speed146 km/h91 mph
  Ceiling4600 m15100 ft
  Range4800 km2983 miles

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