Latecoere 38 (380)


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Latecoere 38 (380)

The first prototype of the Late 38.0 parasol-wing flying-boat flew for the first time in 1930. Having established six world seaplane records in September 1931 - including three speed-with-load-over-distance and a closed circuit distance-with-load (2,208.42km) - it entered service with Aeropostale on the South Atlantic mail route. A second prototype followed.

Three Late 38.1 maritime-reconnaissance flying-boats were also produced in 1934, which entered service with Escadrille 3E3 at Saint-Raphael. Each Late 38.1 had three defensive positions, each armed with twin 7.62mm machine-guns. A bomb load of 300kg was carried on underwing racks.

Latecoere 38 (380)

 ENGINE2 x HS 12 Ydrs 2, 685kW
  Take-off weight9475 kg20889 lb
  Empty weight5475 kg12070 lb
  Wingspan31.4 m103 ft 0 in
  Length17.2 m56 ft 5 in
  Wing area130.0 m21399.31 sq ft
  Max. speed209 km/h130 mph
  Ceiling4700 m15400 ft
  Range w/max.fuel4000 km2486 miles

Latecoere 38 (380)

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