Breguet 960 Vultur


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Breguet 960 Vultur

The Breguet 690 Vultur was a mixed-powerplant design incorporating an Armstrong Siddeley Mamba turboprop in the nose and a Hispano-Suiza Nene turbojet in the rear fuselage. The jet provided additional thrust for combat performance and take-off.

Experience with the Vultur, first flown on 3 August 1951, led the French navy to abandon the idea of such a powerplant for a strike aircraft. Instead, Breguet was contracted to develop a three-seat carrier-based anti-submarine aircraft from the Vultur.

Terrence Murphy, e-mail, 22.01.2012 17:14

After the war, a lot of designers tried the combination of turboprop and turbojet. Although they were able to get the speeds up into the above 500 mph range, non were successful enough to warrant production. Three that come to mind were the: Consolidated Vultee XP-81,Curtiss-Wright XC-113, and the XF2R Dark Shark


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