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The Breguet 890 Mercure was a late 1940s French cargo and passenger transport aircraft designed by Breguet Aviation. Three variants were produced including a military variant called the Mars but none entered production.

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Barry, 10.05.2016 16:35

Only 3 of these aircraft were completed and flown the 890H Mercure powered by 2 x 2000 h.p. Bristol Hercules, the 891R Mars powered by 2 x 1,600 h.p Gnome Rhone 14R-200 radials, and the 892S Mercure convertible passenger /cargo plane with 4 x 500 h.p. Renault 12S in line piston engines. This latter model photographed at the top of the page was later converted into a Hercules powered 890H. In the end the French Air Force, the L'Armee de l'Aire ordered the Nord Nortalas.

892S Mercure
Span 100'5" Length 70'10" Height 23'7" Wing area 1,089 sq ft Max take off weight 35,275 lb Empty weight 1,765 lb
Max speed 217 mph Cruising speed 177 mph Range 620 miles


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