Breguet 763 Deux Pont / Provence / 765 Sahara


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Breguet 763 Deux Pont / Provence / 765 Sahara

The 763 and 765 transport aircraft were the production developments of the 761, the design of which began in 1944. The prototype 761 powered by four 1,192kW SNECMA 14R engines flew for the first time on 15 February 1949. A pre-series of three aircraft, designated 761S, was then produced, powered by 1,490kW Pratt & Whitney R-2800 B31 engines.

The 763 was the first production version of the Deux Ponts. Twelve were ordered by Air France in 1951, powered by four 1,788kW R-2800 CA18 engines. The fuselage was generally similar to that of the 761, but the wing span was increased and the wings were reinforced. It was a convertible passenger/cargo airliner with standard accommodation for 59 tourist-class passengers on the upper deck and 48 second-class passengers on the lower. As used by Air France, the 763 was known as the Provence and first entered service in March 1953. All were operated between France and Algiers.

The 765 Sahara was the military transport version with accommodation for 146 fully equipped troops, 85 stretchers and medical attendants or freight (including military vehicles loaded through the large rear-opening ramp). Fifteen were ordered for the French Air Force in 1956 powered by Pratt & Whitney R-2800 GB-16 or CB-17 engines. The first flew on 6 September 1958.

Breguet 763 Deux Pont / Provence / 765 Sahara

 ENGINE4 x P+W R-2800 CA18, 1765kW
  Take-off weight51600 kg113759 lb
  Empty weight32241 kg71080 lb
  Wingspan43.0 m141 ft 1 in
  Length28.9 m95 ft 10 in
  Height9.9 m33 ft 6 in
  Wing area185.4 m21995.63 sq ft
  Cruise speed380 km/h236 mph
  Ceiling6000 m19700 ft
  Range w/max.fuel4000 km2486 miles
  Range w/max payload2300 km1429 miles

Breguet 765 Sahara

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Nick James, e-mail, 10.04.2017 18:50

In the mid-sixties I was a (very junior) engineer on the Concorde project, a job which involved occasional liaison with Sud Aviation in Toulouse. This trip was usually by commercial flight from Bristol to Paris and then from Paris to Toulouse. Only once did I encounter the Deux-Ponts - on the Bristol Lulsgate to Paris leg - but it was an unforgettable experience! In common with an earlier poster, Paul Turner, I found the overwhelming impression that of the noise from the four Pratt & Whitney radials. It was by far the noisiest aircraft I've ever flown in. A somewhat surreal element was provided by the emergence via a staircase of the immaculately outfitted steward bearing a tray of drinks from the deck below. The subsequent Caravelle flight from Paris to Toulouse was sublime in comparison.


paul Scott, 13.02.2017 20:39

Strange but interesting 'plane.


mike carrivick, e-mail, 11.12.2016 19:22

As an airline staff passenger, returning from Paris Air Show at le Bourget (1969), I found it impossible to get a seat on a passenger flight back to London. Air France had a cargo flights from Orly at 0030hrs, so I travelled to there and the Captain was very gracious in offering me a seat on the flight deck for the trip to LHR. Magnifique! I seem to recall it took 90mins at 6000 feet altitude, with flight engineer always busy trying to balance the vibrations of the engines. For me, I am eternally grateful for the seat being made available, especially in such an unusual aircraft.


Donor Macneice, e-mail, 26.09.2013 14:30

I flew on Breguet 763 about four times between Paris and Algiers and once between Algiers and the city of Bone. It may have been a bit noisy but it has always been one of my favourite three aircraft along with the DC-3 and the Boeing Stratocruiser. There was a complete thrill flying it. I wish one at least was still flying somewhere.


Sosezi, e-mail, 30.12.2011 02:08

Very Interesting and rare Aircraft
also very FAT it point make me smile)


David Franz Gladwin, e-mail, 25.11.2010 15:20

In between the Breguet and the Caravelle we had Viscounts. Either 804 or 810 series taking 53 minutes London-Orly, but 75 minutes for the Epicurean flight! I think we used Vikings before the Provence, and that the Provence was used on the pilgrimages - goats and all!! The Sahara variant did all we asked it to do in shifting men and materials but it was fearfully noisy so everyone for miles around knew where we were. My last flight was with an ex-Luftwaffe (Condor) pilot and the crew were from 5 nationalites. ....Dieter was officially Swiss.....


Claude LOUSTAU, e-mail, 20.09.2010 21:30

It was 3 Breguet 761 used par French Air Force.
12 763 "Provence" for Air France
4 765 "Sahara" for FAF.
After,6 of Breguet 763 was buyed par FAF and used in Tahiti.


jim lanyon, e-mail, 04.01.2010 21:35

The last of the 765 Sahara's is at the French airbase (105)
in Evreux France being restored


bob spary, e-mail, 05.09.2009 20:39

if you fancy a meal aboard a Deux Ponts and you are in Paris, F-BASS has been converted into a restaurant. Menus 18 OR 28 EUROS,cooking good, service excellent complete with photos and history.Directions: N4 out of Paris. You will see aircraft on your left just after Fontenay-Tresigny.


Valter Battistoni, e-mail, 07.04.2009 14:16

Air France used this airplane carrying charter passengers to the Island of Caprera (Sardinia) Club Mediterranee about in 1961 /1962. The weekly summer flight from Paris had a stop at Ajaccio and then to Alghero, as the closer airport of Olbia... did not exist yet. I was a child and flew with it from Alghero to Ajaccio and back in an one day incentive tour as my father was then working at Alghero airport.


Dennis, e-mail, 04.11.2008 02:27

I know this may be a long shot but can anyone remember a cartoon published in a small sized model British magazine sometime in the late 1950's or early 1960's. It showed three mechanics looking across the field at a Breguet 763 Provence, running up its engines. The landing gear has been air brushed out to make it look like a really low pass and one mechanic is saying to the others; " premier au canard est un poulet" or first one to duck is a chicken. I have it somewhere in my saved stuff but it has so far eluded me. I have googled for it as well with no luck.

Thanks Dennis


Paul Turner, e-mail, 14.09.2008 01:05

Air France used this aircraft on the Bristol (Lulsgate) to Paris (Orly) route in the early to mid 1960's. I flew on it just twice. My only lasting impression is of the noise. It was quite impossible to have a conversation with the person sat next to me. Oh, and because it was not pressurised, my little can of water sprayed me when I opened it.


keith williams, e-mail, 19.07.2008 19:04

These aircraft were occasionally used on relief (and possibly scheduled) passenger flights to London (now Heathrow) fairly regularly in the mid-1950's. I cannot remember any of them being used after the Caravelle services started, but may be wrong. I seem to remeber that in the early '60s, services were a combination of Constellations and Caravelles only.


Superman, e-mail, 30.05.2008 20:02

I shall be extremely grateful if you could kindly
provide me with the best cutaway drawing for this
aircraft which I find extremely facinating !


Wilbur Gregson, e-mail, 12.10.2007 00:47

I rather think our variant we flew in was the Provence.
I do well recall that we all three sat in line abreast on both journeys (upper & lower decks); l do not recall as to how many rows of seats there were, other than the impression that there were more on the upper deck than there were on the lower.


Wilbur Gregson, e-mail, 12.10.2007 00:34

I recall back in c.1953 flying with my mother and sister out of Orly (on the top deck) one very foggy morn and landing at Marseilles and at the end of our holiday at Cap d'Antibes making the reciprocal night flight on the lower deck. In my mind's eye l can still clearly recall the thunderous power as all four engines were 'opened up' for take-off.


David Paintin, e-mail, 12.08.2007 12:25

I stooped at Evraux on the 3 /8 /07 and got two photos of the Sahara, but was told by the security guard that photographs are prohibited. I would email them to reply

Paul bernard, e-mail, 01.08.2007 20:29

I saw these many times when I lived in Tunis in the early sixties. Got a few photos of them at El Aounia.


john christie, e-mail, 31.07.2007 18:08

In July 2007 I drove past Evreux (Northwest of Paris) and was astomished to see one sitting on the airfield. the traffic was too busy for me to stop and get a photo. If anyone had a photo of it I would appreciate a copy


DS, e-mail, 28.06.2007 00:10

I remember I use this plane when I was a little boy.
Very usualy (once a year, 1955-1962), we take this plane to go from Marseille to Ajaccio. So, this plane was also usefull for flights to Corsica.


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