Borel-Boccaccio Type 3000


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Borel-Boccaccio Type 3000

Designed by Paul Boccaccio for the Gabriel Borel concern, the Type 3000 two-seat fighter was tested in 1919 under the official designation Borel C2. Although trials at Villacoublay revealed a good performance, the aircraft had appeared too late to warrant further development under post-World War I circumstances. A two-bay biplane powered by a 300hp Hispano-Suiza 8Fb eight-cylinder water-cooled engine, the Type 3000 carried an armament of one fixed and synchronised 7.7mm Vickers machine gun and two 7.7mm Lewis guns on a Scarff-type mounting in the rear cockpit. Provision was made for a third Lewis gun which, fitted in the fuselage floor, was intended to fire aft and downward. Various modifications were made to the undercarriage, the tairplane bracing, the radiators and the exhaust manifolds during the course of trials, but only the one prototype was completed.

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  Take-off weight1340 kg2954 lb
  Empty weight807 kg1779 lb
  Wingspan11.40 m37 ft 5 in
  Length7.15 m23 ft 5 in
  Wing area32.5 m2349.83 sq ft
  Max. speed260 km/h162 mph

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