Bordelaise A.B.21

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Bordelaise A.B.21

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Barry, 10.05.2016 12:53

SAB (Societe Aerienne Bordelaise) was formed out of the remnants of the failed Dyle et Bacalan concern and the AB20 was in fact developed from that company's earlier DB 70 airliner. Originally conceived like the DB 70 as a tri-motor, the military requested a bomb aimer's position as well as a nose turret, which necessitated the use of four engines, in this case 493 h.p Lorraine 12Fb Courlis.
The AB21 was a developed version with a cantilever wing with all struts removed and powered by four V12 500 h.p. Lorraine Petrel engines, flying for the first time in 1934. With reference to the post from Walter Boyne, the AB 20 prototype was developed as the AB 22 to take a 75 mm cannon which fired sideways from beneath the aircraft. The tests were suspended after five rounds due to blast damage to the underside of the aircraft.

Crew 5 Span 120'5" Length 71'10" Height 22'5" Wing area 2,160 sq ft Gross weight 29,200 lb Empty weight 18,630 lb
Max speed 123 mph at sea level Cruising speed 109 mph
Range 621 miles Service ceiling 18,000 ft
Armament 3 x .303" Lewis guns 5,500 lb bombs


Walter Boyne, e-mail, 08.05.2011 17:01

I believe it was used as a flying artillery piece, mounting a large cannon, probably 75 mm


Bob Walker, e-mail, 14.07.2010 10:01

Any known links between the Bordelaise AB20 & AB21, and the design work of US lifting-body aircraft pioneer Vincent Justus Burnelli in the 1920's & 30's?


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