Bernard 80 G.R.


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Bernard 80 G.R.

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Barry, 17.11.2016 15:57

Designed by one Jean Galtier and flying for the first time on 27th November 1930, the Bernard 80 GR was on of a number of record breaking aircraft sponsored by the French Government. In April 1931 it set an absolute closed circuit record of 8,960 km (5,569 miles).

Crew 3
Power Plant 1 x 650 h.p Hispano-Suiza 12Nbr water cooled V12

Span 86'11" Length 50'9" Height 15'3" Wing area 861 sq ft
Empty weight 7,275 lb Gross weight 23,810 lb

Maximum speed 124 mph Range 7,020 miles Service ceiling 29,528 ft


PABLO REY, e-mail, 28.07.2008 04:58

con este modelo mi padre fue el primer piloto argentino en atacar los ultimos bolsones de resistencia tehuelche.Arroj˛ bombas de 1000kg contra las ultimas tolderias.


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