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Bernard 60T

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Barry, 17.11.2016 15:41

Flying in August 1929 the 60T and the similar subsequent 61T were both 12 seat passenger aircraft neither of which gained any orders. The first flight was not good due in part to having two disparate engines with a nine cylinder 420 h.p. Gnome-Rhone 9Ady Jupiter radial in the nose and two 240 h.p. Gnome-Rhone 5Bc Titan engines on the wings. After changing engines in July 1931, it was seriously damaged after a night flight on 22nd December that year and was not repaired and was finally scrapped in 1934.

Accommodation 2 crew 12 passengers
Power plant 3 x 300 hp Gnome-Rhone 7Kb Titan-Major radials

Span 70'6" Length 51'1" Height 13'3" Wing area 610 sq ft
Empty weight 7,496 lb Gross weight 11,696 lb

Max speed 135 mph Range 497 miles


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