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Bernard 20

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Oleg, e-mail, 15.10.2011 19:17

Bernard 20
The Bernard 20 airplane was built in the framework of
the "Jockey" project. First 1:1 full size wooden model
was presented at the Salon de I'Aeronauticque (France,
Paris) in 1928. Designed as a low weight interception
aircraft it had very clean and high level aerodynamics.
The full size wooden model of the plane was used for
the aerodynamic tests in a wind tunnel and obtained
excellent marks during the tests. The only one prototype
build performed its fist flight in spring of the 1929.
Unfortunately at that time the design of the plane
with a low-level wing was not considered by the officials
as promising one and after 18 month the "Jockey" project
was closed.

Fighter with one pilot
V-type combustion engine Hispano-Suiza 12JP, 400HP
Maximum speed at 4.000m: 320km /h
Maximum operating altitude: 6.000m
Empty weight: 1.023 kg
Take off weight: 1.370 kg
Wingspan: 10.80m
Length: 7.45m
Height: 2.50m
Wing area: 16.70m^2
Armament: two machineguns Vickers 7.7mm mounted in the
front part of the fuselage


Pablo, e-mail, 08.06.2010 00:11

This fighter was too modern for the french gerontocracy in 1929. It was a contemporaneous of the Boeing P-26, with 310Km /h of max speed. The goverment thought his landing speed is too high (110Km /h). But in his time, his metal finished and his total weight of 1330Kg was a revolutionary concept. Nobody is profet in his own land, and Bernard wasn't it.


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