Bernard 190


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Bernard 190

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 MODELBernard 190T
 ENGINE1 x 480hp Gnome & Rhone 9Ady Jupiter
  Take-off weight3400 kg7496 lb
  Empty weight1956 kg4312 lb
  Wingspan17.30 m57 ft 9 in
  Length12.58 m41 ft 3 in
  Height3.59 m12 ft 9 in
  Wing area42.90 m2461.77 sq ft
  Max. speed216 km/h134 mph
  Cruise speed200 km/h124 mph
  Ceiling3700 m12150 ft
  Range1000 km621 miles

Barry, 21.04.2016 17:10

Based round the earlier Bernard 18 the 190 was developed not only as an airliner, but as a record breaking plane. The French were desperate to fly the Northern Atlantic and whilst the first attempt by Louis Corduret was unsuccessful when the plane refused to leave the runway in Paris, the second attempt in the bright yellow "Oiseau Canari" (Canary Bird) from Old Orchard Beech Maine was a success. The crew of three plus one stowaway took off on 13th June 1929 and landed in Comillas Cantabria Spain 29 hours 52 minutes later. The "Oiseau Canari" can be found in the Musee de l'Air et de l'Espace. About 15 Bernard 190's were built.


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