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ANF-Mureaux 114

In 1930, the Ateliers des Mureaux amalgamated with the Ateliers de Construction du Nord de la France (ANF), and the first aircraft to appear after the amalgamation were the Mureaux 110 and 111 designed by Andre Brunet to participate in the two-seat reconnaissance aircraft programme initiated in 1928. The first of these all-metal parasol monoplanes was flown in April 1931, the initial production derivative being the Mureaux 113. Two early production airframes were completed during the summer of 1933 as two-seat night fighters under the designation Mureaux 114, these differing from the Mureaux 113 primarily in being equipped with searchlights. Powered by a 650hp Hispano- Suiza 12 Ybrs 12-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, the Mureaux 114 carried an armament of two fixed forward- firing 7.7mm MAC machine guns in the fuselage and two Lewis guns on a flexible mounting in the rear cockpit.

  Take-off weight2560 kg5644 lb
  Empty weight1680 kg3704 lb
  Wingspan15.40 m51 ft 6 in
  Length10.05 m33 ft 12 in
  Height3.81 m13 ft 6 in
  Wing area34.90 m2375.66 sq ft
  Max. speed312 km/h194 mph
  Range920 km572 miles

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