Amiot-S.E.C.M. 110


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Amiot-S.E.C.M. 110

Flown for the first time in June 1928, the Type 110 was designed by M Dutartre as a contender in the so-called "Jockey" lightweight interceptor contest in which it competed against nine other types. Two prototypes were built, these being of all-metal construction and powered by the 500hp Hispano-Suiza 12Mb 12-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, the first prototype having fabric and the second metal wing skinning. Basically a parasol monoplane, the Type 110 was fitted with a jettisonable aerofoil-section fuel tank inserted in the fuselage aft of the main undercarriage members in the form of stub wings. Armament comprised two Vickers guns. On 1 July 1929, the first prototype was destroyed in an accident and no further development was undertaken.

Amiot-S.E.C.M. 110A three-view drawing (1635 x 1020)

  Take-off weight1500 kg3307 lb
  Wingspan10.50 m34 ft 5 in
  Length6.50 m21 ft 4 in
  Height2.83 m9 ft 3 in
  Wing area21.00 m2226.04 sq ft
  Max. speed296 km/h184 mph
  Range500 km311 miles

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