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Pobjoy Pirate

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Barry, 03.12.2015 12:29

Built as a competitor to the D.H. Leopard Moth the Pirate was smaller and lighter than it's competitor, but very much underpowered. First flown by Short's test pilot, John Parker, on the 25th June 1935, it had by the following 10th July completed only 70 minutes flying time and Parker reported that it was underpowered and uncompetitive and so it never flew again.

Power plant 1 x 7 cylinder 90 h.p. Pobjoy Niagara III
Span 34'0" Gross Weight 1,600 lb Max Speed 125 mph


Roly oliver, e-mail, 11.09.2008 03:58

Aircraft is very rare, but probably a one off enterprise by the makers who were better known for their engines ,
the Pobjoy Niagara ,cataract,cascade, all seven cylinder geared radials .


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