Percival Vega Gull


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Percival Vega Gull

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Percival Vega Gull

Barry, 11.04.2016 18:01

Talented designer Arthur Bage took the D series Gull a stage further by adding a fourth seat dual controls and flaps. The fuselage was wider than before and there was a greater wing span. However, as this increased drag parasitic drag was reduced by the reduction of the effect of such things as hinges and balance horns. In fact the performance was not far off that of the Gull Six. A total of 90 were produced with some flying with 24 squadron R.A.F. and some with the Royal Navy. In addition to this domestic military use the Vega Gull flew with the R.A.A.F., R.N.Z.A.F., Argentine Air Force,Belgian Air Force, the Royal Iraqi Air Force and even some were captured and used by the Luftwaffe.

Power plant 1 x 205 h.p D.H. Gypsy Six series II.
Span 39'6" Length 25'6" Height 7'4" Wing area 184 sq ft
Empty weight 1,740 lb Gross weight 3,250 lb
Maximum speed 174 mph Cruising speed 150 mph Range 660 mi
Service ceiling 17,000 ft


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