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Percival P.66 Pembroke

The Percival Pembroke was a British high-wing twin-engined light transport aircraft built by the Percival Aircraft Company, later Hunting Percival.

The Pembroke was a development of the Percival Prince civil transport. It had a longer wing to permit a higher fully laden weight. The prototype flew on 21 November 1952. Production was complete in early 1958.

Percival P.66 President

Barry, 26.10.2016 17:52

Some 128 were produced. with the R.A.F. receiving 56 spraed across 11 squadrons at various times and the ETPS. It served also with the Belgian, Danish, Finnish, Rhodesian, Swedish, Sudanese and Zambian air forces as well as the Luftwaffe and the military of Malawi and the German army and German navy. There are possibly six survivors across the globe with two flying examp;les in the U.K.

Accommodation 2 crew and 8 passengers

Power plant 2 x 540 h.p Alvis Leonides 9 cylinder air cooled radials

Span 64'6" Length 46'0" Height 16'0"
Empty weight 9,961 lb Max take off weight 13,489 lb

Max speed 186 mph Range 1,100 m Service ceiling 22,000 ft


Alain LEVEQUE, e-mail, 07.04.2009 14:36

Goed afternoon,
I am a belgian airmodeller whom is looking for a 3 views drawing and more if possible to make it flying.

Thank you, sincerely yours
Alain Lévêque


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