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Parnall Perch

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Barry, 11.04.2016 16:42

Designed by Harold Bolas to meet an Air Ministry specification (5 /24) for a Fleet Air Arm advanced trainer the Perch was in competition with the Vickers Vandace and the Blackburn Sprat. Differing from the other two in having side by side seating to ease communication it was powered by a single Rolls Royce Falcon III developing 270 h.p. It came second to the Vandace, but as usual there was no money available to purchase any such aircraft.

Span 40'0" Length 29'6" Height 13'0" Empty weight 2,800 lb Gross weight 4,500 lb
Max speed 115 mph Cruising speed 98 mph Range 500 miles Service ceiling 12,000 ft


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