Nieuport & General Nighthawk

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Nieuport & General Nighthawk

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Barry, 24.06.2016 13:57

What you see here is not a Nighthawk but a development of that plane the civil registered (G-EAYN) Gloster Mars III powered by a Bentley BR2 rotary engine. The original Nighthawk was designed by Henry Folland to an Air Ministry specification R.A.F. Type 1 to replace the Sopwith Snipe. Powered by the ill fated A.B.C. Dragonfly the Nighthawk was doomed before it flew, and the result was that eventually all development work and manufacture was taken over by Gloster.

Spec for Dragonfly powered Nighthawk

Power plant 1 x 320 h.p ABC Dragonfly radial

Span 28'0" Length 18'6" Height 9'6" Wing area 276 sq ft
Empty weight 1,500 lb Max take off weight 2,529 lb

Max speed 151 mph Range 310 miles
Service ceiling 24,500 ft

Armament 2 x .303" Forward firing Vickers guns


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