Nieuport & General London


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Nieuport & General London

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Nieuport & General London

 MODELLondon Mark I
 ENGINE2 x 320hp ABC Dragonfly I
  Wingspan18.14 m60 ft 6 in
  Length11.43 m38 ft 6 in
  Height5.33 m18 ft 6 in
  Wing area102.19 m21099.96 sq ft
  Max. speed161 km/h100 mph
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 9 x 113kg bombs

Alan Yendle, e-mail, 21.04.2011 17:20

Designed by H P Folland while he was working as the chief designer at the Nieuport and General Aircraft Company circa 1918 /19


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