NAC (NDN) Firecracker


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NAC (NDN) Firecracker

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NAC (NDN) Firecracker

Stan, e-mail, 16.10.2013 15:26

While at BHSF in the mid 1980's flying T-67 (G-BJIG), flew a Firecraker. Great aircraft although much failed - had difficulty locking up the u /c, radios failed, and ASI failed tried some aerobatics using just the angle of attack indicator and guessing the speed - fell off the top of loops a few times. Very good at low level in the Thames estuary just had to watch out for up coming seagulls to avoid bird strikes. Flew beside a container ship and those on deck were looking down on me. Agree with Barry's comments - left out because of politics and deal on the Hawk not because of its capabilities - very good at low speed induced drag just like a fast jet - apparently due to the leading edge dog-tooth shape.


Barry, 17.04.2013 13:04

One of the most impressive flying displays at Farnborough '86. This plane was up for consideration as the R.A.F. replacement for the Jet Provost which, because of some political expediency or the other, went to the very much more expensive Short's (Embraer) Tucano T1.


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