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An unusually large aircraft by contemporary standards for a single-seater, the Elephant two-bay equi-span staggered biplane was designed by A A Fletcher of the Martinsyde Company, a prototype powered by a 120hp Austro-Daimler engine entering test in the autumn of 1915. The initial production version, the G.100, was powered by a 120hp six-cylinder Beardmore engine and was armed with a single 7.7rnm Lewis gun mounted above the centre section (this later being augmented by a similar weapon bracket-mounted to port behind the cockpit), deliveries to the RFC commencing in 1916. The G.100 was succeeded by the G.102 version which differed in having a 160hp Beardmore engine and replaced the lower-powered model progressively.

The G.100 and G.102 Elephants were used in France and the Middle East, although only one RFC squadron was completely equipped with this type, a total of 270 being manufactured. While not particularly successful as a fighter owing to its poor agility by comparison with its smaller contemporaries, the Elephant performed a useful service as a bomber, carrying up to 104kg.

G.100A three-view drawing of G.100 (1280 x 886)

  Take-off weight1115 kg2458 lb
  Empty weight813 kg1792 lb
  Wingspan11.58 m38 ft 0 in
  Length8.08 m27 ft 6 in
  Height2.95 m10 ft 8 in
  Wing area38.09 m2410.00 sq ft
  Max. speed166 km/h103 mph
 ARMAMENT2 machine-guns, 118kg of bombs


Laurent Bourque, e-mail, 08.03.2016 01:25

I have a copy of an ink drawing of a Martinsyde G100 or 102 with an inscription on the tail 4871. The drawing is signed with the initials G.W dated 23 /4 /18. He produced this drawing whhile in the Fairfield hospital. Would it be possible to have the name of the pilot. Thank you


sven, 15.12.2012 20:58

Re the railway story . I belive this is true and think it was in the Dardenells or the middle east. I will research and get back to you


Mark De Luca, e-mail, 14.12.2012 18:58

67 Sqn RFC were said to have made a prop driven railway car from an old "Elephant" front fuselage and used it to patrol rail lines.Is this true and if so do photos survive.
Most consensus is that this story is a hoax.Please advise


Ian Pearson, e-mail, 21.07.2012 19:41

Martinsyde Attack on 16th November 1916 by 27 Squadron

In bitter weather on 16th Capt Sherrin led Six Martinsydes over 90miles to drop eight 112-lb bombs on the railway station at Hirson from just 1,000feet. Six coaches were blown off the tracks and buildings and other rolling stock were destroyed.

Info I found from The Martinsyde File by Ray Sanger
This book has a very detailed account of all Martinsydes ever flown


john stringer, e-mail, 13.04.2011 21:11

my father ec stringer also in 27 squadnon.i have elephant plaque taken from martinside he flew on bombing raid on 16 /11 /16.


steve clarke, e-mail, 31.01.2010 18:55

I have a prop stock (now a clock) with the following written on it: Avro 120 120hp Daimler Beardmore Martinsyde Biplane. The are 3 other marks including a war office arrow. Does anyone know if this is from a G102 Elephant bomber? If not what?


CRAIG GREEN, e-mail, 09.10.2009 21:51



Ian C. Pearson, e-mail, 19.03.2009 20:25

50 Martinsyde G102 Elephant Bomber Reconnaissance Tractor Biplane(160-hp Beardmore, 120hp Beardmore from A1570?) ordered 21st June 1916 under Contract No 87 /A /487, serial Numbers A1561 to A1610

A1582 - Farnborough by 22.11.16; C sqn 26.2.12; X AP26.2.17; 14 Sqn 9.3.17; SOC 25.4.17

A1592 - Farnborough by 22.11.16; C Flight CFS Upavon by May 1917; 19 TS Hounslow September 1917; Flew into trees, 1.10.17 (Lt B F G Cunliffe injured)

50 Martinsyde G100 Elephant Bomber Reconnaissance Tractor Biplanes (120hp Beardmore) ordered 22.11.1915 under WO Contract No 87 /A /192 (and also Contract 94 /A /298?)
Serial Numbers 7258 to 7307

7282 - Tested Farnborough 17.3.16; 39 Sqn from 14.4.16; to France 19.5.16; 2 AD to 27 Sqn 11.6.16; damaged in Combat 31.7.16 (Lt R H C Usher wounded); to 2 AD 2.8.16; 27 Sqn; Shot down in flames, 31.8.16 (Capt A Skinner killed)

Information from The Martinsyde File by Ray Sanger

Ian Pearson


Ian C Pearson, e-mail, 05.01.2008 11:12


I am now in the possesion of my Grandfathers RFC Log Book.

His name was Captain Kenneth Noble Pearson MC.

I thought you may find the following useful. If you have any cross references to photo's of the actual plane he flew I would be truely Greatful. I do have dome photo's he took of his aircraft which you may find interesting.

The Log starts by saying he was in No 20 and 21 Squadron.

He starts off in Castle Bromwich in a MF2962, MF2968 on August 9th 1915. by the 17th August he was flying Solo. This page was sigend by a Captain R Rodwell Commanding No 5 RAS, RFC.

Netheraison 26 /8 /1915 A792,A760,A762 (May be Netheravon)

13 Sept 1915 Joined wing

21 /9 /1915 BE1679, BE1681, BE5387

10th November 1915 Farnborough BE4114

26 /11 /1915 - BE2C 4128 Filton to Milford to Eversley to Farnborough

8th December BE2C 5388 TRIAL FLIGHTS

19th & 20th December BE2C Bristol to Farnborough Delivery flights

5th January 1916 BE2C 4158

8th January 1916 Flying in 21 Squadron RE 5 & 7's

RE5 688, RE7 2357, RE7 2353, RE7 2356 Practice dropping 500lb bombs

27-1-1916 RE2357 to Folkeston

3rd February 1916 Oreicas, France

RE2135 and RE2351 Patroling north and South course, Formation flying and Camera Obseving

2nd March RE2359 Bombing raid 3-112lb bombs - Shot down

10th and 11th March 1916 Monterial to Brisingden

13-March 1916 BF20-5 tests new engine

14th March 1916 Arras, St Pol Omer - Observer Lt Townsend put hole on prop.

18th March 1916 Bristol Scout St Omer

30th March 1916 BF 2950 own craft

30th March 1916 Martinsyde AD Scout Aerdrome

31st March 1916 RE7 2290 - Omer

5th April 1916 BE2C

10-04-16 BF 5-5

10-04-16 BE2C

21-04-16 RE7 RAF

23-04-16 Martinsyde

24-04-16 RE7 2367 St Andre to St Omer

21-04-16 C.F. 12-15

25-04-16 B.F. 12-15

25-04-16 RE7 2372 Own machine

26-04-16 RE7 2370, RE7 2361

27-04-16 RE7 2372 Bombing Raid 340lb bomb Engine blew out Starting Plug.

02-05-16 RE2C Observation test

27-05-16 RE7 St Andre - Paris Plage - Dropped 340lb bomb failed to detonate

17-05-16 M Scout (Martinsyde!!) Test guns at sea

08-06-16 RE7 2372 Total Flying time in France 90hrs 20mins Total Flying 122hrs 59mins

Flying in 27 Squadron Martinside Scouts Squadron

14-06-16 MS 7267, MS 7271

16-06-16 MS 7300

17-06-16 MS 7290 Recon to Cumbrage

20-06-16 MS 7271 Crashed undercarriage by running into hole in Aerodrome.

21-06-16 MS 7273

26-06-16 MS7298

01-07-16 MS 7300 Push Started - Offensive Patrol 2.5 Hrs over lines

02-07-16 MS 7298 - Offensive Patrol

06-07-16 MS 7300 - Offensive Patrol had 4 scraps with Huns. Hit prop. coul and intercection were listen also in planes - 15 huns

06-07-16 MS 7272 Setting Gun Sights

13-07-16 MS 7464 Cumbrai went down to 500feet and bomber train NE of Cumbrai 30 miles behind lines.

21-07-16 MS 7364 Bapauine Dropped 1 -112lb Bomb escorted RE brough down Archie. Direct hit 1 scrap him

30-07-16 MS 7300 V ...


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