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Martinsyde A.D.C.1

With the liquidation of the Martinsyde Company in February 1924, and the acquisition of its stores, stocks and goodwill by the Aircraft Disposal Company (A.D.C.), the latter continued development of the Buzzard under the design leadership of John Kenworthy. This resulted in the A.D.C.1, which was fundamentally an F.4 Buzzard airframe mated with a 380hp Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar radial engine. The prototype A.D.C.1 was first flown on 11 October 1924, this subsequently participating in the 1925 and 1926 King's Cup races, and considerable foreign interest was displayed in the type. In the event, only one order for the A.D.C.1 materialised, this being from Latvia for eight aircraft which were delivered in 1926, at least two of these surviving until 1938. The armament of the A.D.C.1 comprised two synchronised 7.7mm Vickers guns.

  Take-off weight1202 kg2650 lb
  Empty weight846 kg1865 lb
  Wingspan9.98 m33 ft 9 in
  Length7.62 m25 ft 0 in
  Wing area29.73 m2320.01 sq ft
  Max. speed262 km/h163 mph

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