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Marendaz Mk III

The four-seat Marendaz III was quite an advanced concept for 1937, but unfortunately never went into production. The first, uncompleted, prototype was destroyed in a factory fire while the second, G-AFGG, although exhibited at the 1938 RAeS garden party, was never completed. The engine was a DH Gipsy VI of 200hp.

Barry, 08.04.2016 13:56

Donald Marendaz was born in Neath in Wales in 1897 to a Swiss family. He later served as a Lieutenant in the R.F.C. with some distinction during World War I. He was it has to be said a bit of a "chancer". For all that he did start up and design the Marendaz Car business in Brixton later moving the factory to Maidenhead. These cars used Anzani engines and were quite highly regarded, being quite successfully used in competition.
Later on at Barton le Clay aerodrome he registered the Bedford School of Flying and became involved in designing and building the Marendaz MK II and Mk III. These planes were of sound design but never really succeeded like so many others. Marendaz died in 1988 at the age of 91 after many varied and somewhat dubious adventures - they should make a film about him!


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