Civilian CAC.I Coupe Mk 2


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Civilian CAC.I Coupe Mk 2

The CAC Coupe, built at Hull Municipal Airport, Hedon, East Yorkshire, was the only product of the Civilian Aircraft Co Ltd, established in 1928 by Harold D. Boultbee. A strut-braced, high-wing aircraft, the Coupe was of mixed wood and metal construction and could accommodate two people in a staggered seating arrangement. Two versions were built between 1929 and 1932, the Mk I with a 75hp ABC Hornet flat four engine, and the Mk II, powered by the 100hp Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major 1. Total production was one Mk I and five Mk II.

Civilian CAC.I Coupe Mk 2

Barry, 24.01.2012 17:46

G-ABNT illustrated at the top of the page is still flying today.


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